Unconsidered Truth About SodomyHated of GodRev. Ivan Foster · Sunday - PMGenesis 13:13 · Sun Jun 15, 2008
Northern Ireland's deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinnes branded Mrs Iris Robinson's criticism of sodomites as harmful and distressing. He said that she should reflect on the impact her comments would have on the homosexual community. Mrs Robinson was correct when she called sodomy an abomination. It is how God describes it. "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination," Leviticus 18:22. This one verse ends the debate on the character and nature of sodomy. God has spoken, let every man be silent. No man or society has a right to correct God or defy His law. What He declares to be sin, is and will remain sin forever. The judgment which He has decreed will follow sin cannot be negated, avoided or defied. I am amazed that Mrs Robinson can condemn sodomy as she does while at the same time support her husband who now holds the office of First Minister, since it is through that office that funds have been supplied to sodomites for the promoting of their lifestyle! I also find it strange that Mrs Robinson can object to the sodomite's defiance of the 7th commandment while ignoring Sinn Fein/IRA's defiance of the 6th commandment! She is party to the DUP's alliance with murderous republicans and, I believe, has stained her hands with their crimes, yet she sees no breach of God's Law in this!
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