Paul's record of service, Pt 2Studies in Second Corinthians · part 60 of 68Rev. Ivan Foster · Sun Mar 22, 19982 Corinthians 11:5-15 · Sunday - AM

3. His waiving of his right to a wage. He was deemed inferior to the other apostles in that he did not claim sustenance from the people, verse 7-9. He was seeking to exalt the people through the gospel, Acts 13:17. In order to so, he preached the gospel without charge (freely), verse 7. This was hardly an offence. In order to do so, he received help from others, verse 8. He robbed others because he took from them that which they were not obliged to give. The word robbed means to strip.

A) Wages for a servant of God are proper. 1 Cor 9:1-15.

B) Paul sought only to avoid being a burden, verses 9-10.

C) He did so to cut off an opportunity for his enemies to attack him, verse 12.


Paul contrasts himself with his opponents, 13-15.

1. They were false through and through. Pseudo Apostles. They were workers of craftiness, Mark 14:1.

2. Their holiness was self-made. Transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

3. They copied their “father’s” example. Verse 14-15.

Not all that appears to be holy truly is. We must test and try the spirits whether they be of God.


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