Studies in Jonah, No. 6The Reluctant Prophet · part 6 of 29Rev. Ivan Foster · Sunday - AMJonah 1:3 · Sun Feb 11, 2007
PLEASE NOTE THE PLACE TO WHICH HUMAN WISDOM WILL BRING YOU 1. Joppa means "beautiful". It is derived from a word employed to depicted the beauty of Christ, Psalm 45:2. It is also used of the false beauty contrived by human nature, Jeremiah 4:30, 10:4, Ezekiel 31:7. Doubtless, the "beautiful" Joppa took on a false beauty, an attractiveness for Jonah. 2. Tarshish means a "beryl" -- a semi-precious stone. This stone was used in the breastplate of the High Priest and represented the tribe of Asher, Ex 28:20. The name "Asher" means "happy", Genesis 30:13. To escape from God's presence by sea seemed a good and happy thing to Jonah as he followed his own wisdom. THERE IS A PRICE TO BE PAID FOR SUCH FOLLY " . . he found a ship going to Tarshish: so he paid the fare thereof," Jonah 1:3. 1. Note how providence seemed to favour him. He found a ship just ready to sail to Tarshish. What appears as kindly providence may not be at all. Acts 27:13. Both ships ran into a storm. 2. he lost his investment. He paid in advance but never reached his destination and received no refund! Sin and disobedience pays no refunds! 3. He is found in the company of sinful men. "Them" refers to a mixed group of pagans, verse 5. Here was modern ecumenicity indeed! He is like Peter in Luke 22:55. This is where human wisdom will take those who would refuse God's commands.
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