Rebellion against Christ, Pt 4Studies in Psalm 2 · part 4 of 12Rev. Ivan Foster · Sunday - AMPsalm 2:4-6 · Sun Jan 9, 2005
Nothing could be more appropriate than this portion of God's Word for us to consider on a day such as this. The evil spirit of rebellion that will sway the nations and grow into an all-out rebellion against the Lord is seen at work today. Man rejects God's standards of right and wrong, of righteousness and wickedness. We have a righteousness talked about today that may be espoused by adulterous politicians and a decency that may be embraced by those polluted with sin. The country is crying after a peace that is being sought at the expense of justice and a normality pursued at the cost of truth. It is a peace which will see the murderer vindicated and the victims forgotten. It is a peace that will honour terrorism and denigrate patriotism and integrity. Such a spirit is embryonic of the rebellion that is to come as the rise of that anti-christianity takes place which is described in the first three verses of this psalm. The Lord hears and will respond to the rebellious words and deeds of men. For our comfort notice what the Lord's response to the sound of man rebelling is.
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