No Welcome for ChristThe Christmas ShamRev. Ivan Foster · Sunday - PMJohn 1:10-11 · Sun Dec 20, 2009

No welcome for Christ despite the bright lights!

"He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not. He came unto his own, and his own received him not," John 1:10-11.

(Preached in Tavistock FPC)

There is no evidence of any celebrating of the birth of Christ within the scriptural records nor is there biblical evidence to support a mid-winter date for His birth. The origins of what are today termed "Christmas celebrations" are totally pagan.

This so-called celebrating of Christ's birth is most popular amongst the ungodly. That is an indication of its character. The child of God ought to be consistent in their rejection of the world and its ways.

I do not believe that it is acceptable to God for His people to be associated with the excesses of this season of the year. It may be argued that children love it and really it is quite harmless. Parents ought to know that there is much children love and which is very harmful and which must be forbidden for their own good.

Can the promoting of a belief in a mythical figure which has its origins in popery really be harmless? "No lie is of the truth," 1 John 2:21.

The whole 'Christmas sham' reminds us of how the Antichrist will be embraced as he gives to men just what it is they crave.

There is a solemn lesson to learn from the giddiness of today's celebrations!

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