Rebellion against Christ, Pt 1Studies in Psalm 2 · part 1 of 12Rev. Ivan Foster · Sunday - AMPsalm 2:1-3 · Sun Dec 19, 2004

The soul made anxious by the ungodly events of this day would do well to often study this psalm. It provides us with a clear and concise view of how God sees man's rebellion against Him and His Son. We hear nothing of this from the world's media. It is given over to promoting the cause of sinful man. Our fathers and mothers might as well have tuned into Hitler's propaganda and expect to be encouraged regarding the course of the war as we are to expect truth and encouragement from the world's broadcasts. It is clear that this world is heading for for the horrors of a repeat of the destructions that overtook Sodom. We see also the re-establishing of the ancient alliances of the Roman empire in the news of Turkey's entering upon negotiations for EU membership and the welcome this has received from world leaders. It is therefore appropriate that we look at this psalm at this time of wickedness and rebellion. The psalm is divided up into four sections.Firstly, we shall look at verses 1-3, THE REBELLION AMONGST THE NATIONS

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