A happy prospect for a suffering saintStudies in Job · part 9 of 30Rev. Ivan Foster · Sunday - AMJob 14:14 · Sun Aug 14, 1994

“All the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come,”  Job 14:14.

Everything that one associates with earthly comfort was taken from Job. His family, his fortune, his health and his friends. If ever a man had a right to complain it was Job. Especially he could complain of his friends. “Miserable comforters are ye all”, Job 16:2. The word used is that employed by Joseph when he referred to his slavery, and by Moses of the slavery in Egypt (labour), Deut 26:7. Miserable comfort indeed!

Though stripped of these comforts, Job was not comfortless. What refreshed him was the prospect of glorious comfort to come. From his misery and woe he lifted his eyes away to a time when all comfort would be his, the time when his change would come.

This the basis of our comfort and rest today. I Thess 4:14-18, II Thess 2:7-10. The word rest means to loosen your bonds, for a soldier to stand easy. It is a call to relax.


In the old testament, the word is chiefly used of the changing of garments. The new testament follows that theme, I Cor 15:51-54.

  1. This change is an integral part of redemption. Ephes 1:13-14. The Bridegroom is coming back for His bride and then shall she put on her glorious garments. Ephes 5:25-27. We have yet to experience the full benefits of Calvary’s sufferings.
  2. It is a change that may be previewed in Christ’s glorification. Phil 3:21, I John 3:2. To be like Jesus is the constant desire of every true child of God. It will satisfy the deepest longing of the soul. “As for me, I will behold thy face in righteousness: I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness,” Ps 17:15.
  3. It is a change of overwhelming completeness. Nothing shall remain of the old creation. That is not to say that we are no longer WHO we are. Our identity does not alter just as the Saviour’s identity will not have altered, Acts 1:11. Moses will be Moses, Elijah Elijah, Abraham. It is a sameness of body as well as soul. Job 19:26. “Sown a natural body raised a spiritual body,” I Cor 15:44.
  4. It is a change that is permanent. What changes we see here are but temporary. This is a change that will be eternal. I Thess 4:17.


It was Job’s sole comfort. It was an unfailing comfort. As soon as he thought upon that glorious moment he was comforted. “I will wait” he says. No word portrays the Christian experience better than this little word. It encompasses all that the Christian’s attitude in life should be.

  1. It means we stand aside from much of life’s activities. It does not interest us for we are going to leave it all one day. In a busy place like an airport, you can tell the waiters from those who have flights to be boarded. The Christian should be distinguishable from those engaged in the affairs of this world. It is a matter “using this world, as not abusing it: for the fashion of this world passeth away,” I Corinthians 7:31. Use— to receive as a loan, to borrow. Abuse — to use excessively.
  2. It means that trials weigh a little less heavily upon us. II Cor 4:16-18. Waiting and contemplating the change gives a right perspective of life’s troubles.
  3. We wait patiently knowing our time is appointed of God. The words appointed time is a translation of a Hebrew word which means literally army. Nothing is more regulated than an army. Nothing is left to the individuals initiative. It is done according to that set down in the text book of war. Eccles 3:1, Rom 8:29, Ephes 1:4, 3:11.
  4. We wait patiently because we know the time is brief. It is only a matter of days.


There is a day of change coming for you sinner, but it is day of change for the worse.

  1. A change from Christ rejection to certain doom.
  2. A change from gospel light to eternal night.
  3. A change from opportunities of mercy to everlasting hopelessness.

That thought of that day should stir you to flee to Christ. Your appointed time may run its course at any moment. Be in time! Close with Christ now.

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