The wise and foolish virgins Pt 1KICS Assembly - The Parables · part 124 of 136Rev. Ivan Foster · YouthMatthew 25:1-13 · Tue May 14, 2019

The Lord Jesus was ever warning sinners of hell, verses 10-13.

This parable is all about understanding the times in which we live.

I believe that it is the privilege of God's people to share in a knowledge of God's present purpose on this earth and what He purposes to do in the future.

Furthermore, He desires to share this knowledge with the boys and girls who take the time to read and pray over His Word.

Please note:

* In Matt 24:32, our observance of the prophetic times is paralleled with our telling of the earthly seasons by what we may observe with our eye.

* The time of the end will be observable because it will see a repeat of what happened before in the days of Noah as judgment drew near, 37-39.

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