The Parable of the SowerKICS Assembly - The Parables · part 7 of 136Rev. Ivan Foster · YouthMark 4:1-9 · Tue Sep 26, 2017

We come to a new parable today. Let us learn some simple truths from the verses we have read.

1. Please note how the Saviour makes use of the power of the water to magnify His voice.

It is a simple fact that sound travels better over water. (Time we lived beside Lough Erne - Drumcrow East). The Saviour wants men, as many as possible, to hear Him. He approves of our use of modern methods of sending out His Word.

2. Note also He begins and ends the parable with a call to listen!

Verses 3, 9. Same word is repeated. 'Hearken', 'Hear'.

3. Once more, the Saviour uses a very common happeningĀ to illustrate the gospel.

Nature has been so created to set forth divine truth. How important it must be for us to learn the message of the gospel. There is an echo of the Bible in all of creation.

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