Instructions for servants Pt1Unsearchable riches of Christ in Ephesians · part 85 of 112Rev. Ivan Foster · Sunday - AMEphesians 6:5-8 · Sun Jan 18, 2004

These verses have so much to say to Christians in our society. There are truths set forth here which so many today, including Christians, would reject.  Let us start by emphasising the fact that these words are directed to “slaves”. It refers to a person who is owned, body and mind by his master. In 1 Tim 6:1 the term appears along with an additional discription which underlines what I say. Under the yoke. Here is the very symbol of slavery.  They differed from the the man who sold himself into service such as is referred to in Malachi 3:5 where such is called a hireling.  There were in the church those who were bondslaves. Becoming Christians did not bring a change in that state, 1 Cor 7:20-24.


It is said that the spider finds its way into king’s palaces, Pro 30:28. So it is with the gospel. It penetrates the most unlikely places. Many were the slaves that found joy and deliverance through the good news of Christ. The early church was a true cross-section of society. 

1. The gospel can brighten the darkest corner. 

What misery many a slave endured but the gospel comforted them.

2. The gospel may not bring any change to our social status. 

Men were not commanded to agitate for freedom under the gospel. Rather the opposite. They were to render obedience.

3. In such circumstances, a person may serve Christ. 

as unto Christ. It is not necessary to be high bred or rich or educated or intellectually superior. The little maid, 2 Kings 5:2.

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